Welcome to Directions in Dentistry!

I am excited to be making the inaugural post on what will be a long running blog on dentistry and dental care written by a dentist. Aside from being a full time practicing dentist in Orange, CT, I also enjoy both reading and writing about dental topics.

When one surveys the internet and reads blogs related to dentistry, it is quite obvious that 99% of them are not written by dentists themselves. The content is typically written by a non-dental professional, the content is then sold or licensed to numerous dentists, and then those dentists display the information on their websites and/or blogs. It is posted in such a way as to imply that the dentist actually wrote it him or herself. The information is almost always very easy to spot, as it is generic, stiff, and impersonal. The content is nearly always written in the third person and rarely references anything specific to that dentist. The dentist believes that he/she is creating an internet presence establishing him/her as a trusted authority on oral health. The reader, assuming they even make it to the blog, never reaches that conclusion. The reader is typically left scratching their head, thinking “who the heck wrote this stuff and why am I reading it?” before they immediately click away to a different web page.

How is this dental blog different?

As the name of this blog implies, I will be taking dental blogs into a new direction. I will write about my own personal experiences and observations as a practicing dentist. I will strive to find unique subjects on which to write, topics that hopefully have not been covered previously. I will not resort to posting “canned” content or other recycled material. You will see the pronoun “I” on here a lot, and for good reason! You’ll know that it is a real dentist writing this, someone who has a passion for providing great dental care and then writing about it.

I hope everyone enjoys these new Directions In Dentistry. Comments are always welcome.