The Most Interesting Tattoo in the World?

As a dentist in private practice, I’ve seen my fair share of crazy and interesting things. I’ve seen cases of horrible gum disease, scars from sucking fentanyl patches, disastrous attempts at people doing dentistry on themselves, and many other things. I’d thought I had seen almost everything. That was until this patient walked in the door:

Beer tatoo on the lip seen at the dentist

Beer tattoo on his lower lip. Clicking on the image will show a larger version in all of its glory! Image copyright Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

As you can see by the facial hair, this was obviously a male – at least we would hope it is a male!

beer tatoo seen at the dentist on the inside lip

View of the tatoo looking down (which is why “beer” is upside down).

In talking with him in my dental office about his tattoo, it was clear that he was both simultaneously proud and ashamed of it. He loved showing it to me and my entire staff  – and to a couple of my other patients too! He enthusiastically gave a long and detailed description of how it was done, when it was completed, and who did it. It was clear this was one of his favorite stories to tell.

But then he confessed in an almost bashful demeanor that it was “the last stupid thing I ever did.” His tone and level of excitement were much lower than before. He did not advertise this to anyone but me. It was clear he had a love/hate relationship with his tattoo.

Most Interesting Tattoo in the World?

Most Interesting man in the world with an interesting tattoo

Does the Most Interesting Man in the World have this tattoo? (image courtesy Anderson Group via

Could this possibly be one of the most interesting tattoos in the world? Could it be the most interesting? Do you think the most interesting man in the world has anything close to this? After all, the actor who plays the Most Interesting Man lives in Vermont, less than three hours from my office in Orange, CT.

At his last dental visit, I did not get a chance to ask him what his favorite beer was. But part of me thinks the beer he enjoys the most is Dos-Equis.

Despite my patient’s mixed emotions about this tattoo, I don’t think he will be trying to get rid of it anytime soon. After all, it is not visible to anyone, except when he comes to our office.

As I said before, I’ve seen a lot of crazy things as a dentist, but this one was totally unexpected. To this day, I still look at it every time he comes in for cleanings. And he enjoys showing it to us!



  1. Hi, just discovered ur blog while doing some research on anesthetics( the “caines”). I empathize with every person on here that has dentist anxiety. Never had it when I was in my teens and younger, but after several incidents with dentists that did not pay attention to my lack of pain tolerance during some procedures, I developed a huge fear of dentists, unfortunate for my teeth. One dental assistant called me a big baby…thanks. Anyway, after much research and experimenting with different dentists for a few decades, I started demanding(nicely)that dentists and the hygienists provide me with all the pain relief that was available to make me comfortable. I went in armed with a little knowledge and made sure I was getting what I needed. My mouth, my teeth, my psyche. I found a wonderful periodontist but I refuse to let his his hygienist touch my teeth. She’s very rough when cleaning my teeth and had me in tears the first two times I went to her, so I told the doctor no more. He concurred. So now, the
    periodontal doctor checks my teeth. I switched the cleanings to my dentist. My dentist and his staff are fantastic and almost pamper me. They explain the procedure to me, knock me almost out and numb me up until I’m a drooling fool. And yes, I insisted they use topical anesthetic before the shots. I feel nothing and remember little. They are wonderful and they fixed the teeth which had become extremely sensitive. They listened to me, recognized my fear and did what I asked. There was no judgement on their part either. I’m quite aware of what my fear has done to my mouth, I don’t need chastisement. I don’t hate the shots. If my gums are numb, like I request, I barely feel it.
    Take control of your comfort and mouth health, with the help of a great dentist and staff. They are out there, you just need to do some research, emails and phone calls. I may lose my teeth eventually, but at least I know it won’t be too painful when they pull ’em.

    • NF – I’m glad you were able to find a dentist that you are comfortable with. That can make all the difference.

    • Amanda Plasse says

      May I ask what practice do you go through? I am highly allergic to novocaine and cannot find a dentist that won’t distribute a numbing agent that isn’t going to knock me out.
      Thank you,