Interesting Dental Links

Dental Blogs

I only link to blogs where I know the dentist him or herself writes the content. Why read a dental blog written by a copyrighter who has never looked inside someone’s mouth?  These blogs are all written by dentists themselves.

Smiles By Payet – Chip Payet DDS uses his blog primarily to educate patients about dental topics.  Very informative and easy to read.

The Endo Blog – This is geared more towards practicing dentists than patients. But everything you’ve always wanted to know about endodontics (a.k.a. root canals) is included here.

Mead Family Dental – Alan Mead DDS blogs here. He writes some of the best dental blog content I have ever read. It screams authenticity.  He along with a couple of other great dentists inspired me to start this blog.

Dental Hacks – want to listen to a podcast by a bunch of dentists talking about all things related to dentistry? Then this is it. Beware – do not go here if you find dentists talking about dentistry boring!

Fluoride Exposed – two scientists and moms talk about all things related to fluoride and fluoridation.

The Usual Dental Links

Know your Teeth – The patient website of the Academy of General Dentistry.  I am a member of the Academy of General Dentistry.

Mouth Healthy – The patient website of the American Dental Association.  I am a member of the American Dental Association.

Connecticut State Dental Association – The Connecticut State Dental Association. Information for both patients and dentists. I am a member of the Connecticut State Dental Association.

Other Dental Links

Toothless Toops CartoonMy classmate from dental school, Erin Topley DDS, is an accomplished dentist and dental cartoonist.  She has published hundreds of cartoons on dentistry. What makes her cartoons different is the fact that it is a dentist who is drawing them, not a professional artist.

One of her cartoons is to the left. Her website is Toothless Toops. Check her out!

Original artwork Hal Mayforth dental floss for dentist

Hal Mayforth is a Professor of Art History at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. In addition to teaching, he is an accomplished artist and produces numerous prints about dentistry, such as the one to the left.  His website is Humorous Prints.

When I redecorate my office I will be incorporating at least one of his prints onto my walls.