Guest Posting and Links

I get at least one inquiry per week about “guest posting” or “working together” or “let me help you by giving you an article” or other proposal(s) that are invariably designed to benefit the person contacting me and not the readers of this blog. And that, of course, runs contrary to what I am trying to accomplish with this site. It is worth stating some general principles:

  1. I do not sell outbound links on this site.
  2. I do not accept any advertising on this blog.
  3. I will not post generic articles with links to other sites just because you ask me to. If I had a dime for every time someone emailed me asking me to post the article “Five tips to get your child ready for his or her first dental visit” with a link to their site, I would have over $2.00 in my pocket!

I follow these principles in order to produce interesting and offbeat dental content designed for readers (and not the authors). This may explains why my simple dental blog attracts, on average, approximately 700 hits per day.

I am open to certain arrangements with outside parties. These include:

  • I link to other sites that are related to dentistry. However, I will only link to a site that I feel the readers would find interesting. If you have a link that you feel I should include you can email me.
  • I do allow guest posting on this site. However, the guest post needs to be original and unique, preferably written by a dental professional (dentist, hygienist, dental student, dental office manger, etc.). In those cases I will allow links back to the site of the author. Unoriginal, recycled, and boring content written by SEO companies need not apply!

Still interested? See the Contact Me page for how to get in touch with me.