Dentistry and Art: As Your Tooth by Hal Mayforth

Instead of featuring another Renaissance classic portraying 17th century dentistry, we’re fast forwarding to 2015 for a modern and more humorous piece:

Tooth Carton by Hal Mayforth showing a tooth lecturing

Used with permission from Hal Mayforth

While we would not necessarily mention the artist Hal Mayforth in the same sentence as Caravaggio (except on this blog of course), Hal combines artistic skill with dental humor in this print.

The print shows a somewhat distressed tooth with one finger raised, lecturing his/her/it’s audience on the consumption of sugary, carbonated beverages. This tooth – correctly so – has realized that both sugar and carbonation are detrimental to the health of your teeth. We’re assuming that he/she/it knows that diet soda – sugar free but carbonated – is bad for your teeth also.

We hope you enjoyed this departure from the usual posts on this blog. Hal’s website is located here.


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