Lymph Node Calcification on Dental X-ray

Patient: This is a 23 year old female with an unremarkable medical history.  She denies any previous episodes of tuberculosis or other granulomatous disorder.

Description: A panoramic radiograph was performed on this patient as part of evaluating her chief complaint regarding her lower wisdom teeth. The incidental finding was made on the radiograph on the patient’s lower left.  Although the appearance was suggestive of cervical lymph node calcifications, her left adenoid tonsil was examined visually in an attempt to rule out a tonsillolith.  There was no visual sign of a tonsillolith but a definitive diagnosis needed to be made by an otolaryngologist.

The panoramic radiograph is here:

Dental Panoramic Radiograph or x-ray showing lymph node calcifications

The patient had no pain or symptoms in the area of the left cervical lymph nodes and palpation did not demonstrate any palpable masses. Nevertheless, the patient was referred to her physician for follow-up. Because she had no symptoms, she unfortunately did not seek medical attention. However, based on the radiographic appearance, a tentative diagnosis of lymph node calcifications or calcified lymph nodes was made.