Amazing Mamelons in a 50 year old

Patient: This is a 53 year old female with a non-contributory medical history. She did have a thumb sucking habit in her childhood which likely affected the mamelons. She is a regular patient of mine in my office in Orange, CT and she is from Woodbridge, CT.

Description: Quite simply, this woman had the most amazing and defined mamelons I have ever seen in an adult patient.  Her occlusion played a factor – she had an anterior open bite and occluded edge to edge on her central incisors.  Her occlusion shot is seen here:

Photo or Picture of tooth mamelons in an adult on occlusion with an anterior open bite

Occlusion shot with anterior open bite. Photo by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

Note the anterior open bite. Bilateral first premolar contact is seen.

Best Photo or Picture of tooth Mamelons or Teeth Mamelons on adult incisors

Upper and lower incisor mamelons visible. Photo by Dr. Nicholas Calcaterra.

Note the well defined mamelons on 8 and 9 on the maxilla as well as all on the lower incisors.

The best part of this was the fact the patient was incredibly good natured and pleasant. She was proud of her mamelons! And so she should!