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Periapical X-ray showing radiolucency of an ameloblastoma with unerupted #31.This section shows a gallery of various dental photographs and radiographs (x-rays).  These represent patients I saw in West Hartford, CT as well as in my current office in Orange, CT. Many of the photos and x-rays of teeth are best appreciated by dental professionals.  But non dentists are welcome to browse these pages though.

Oral Pathology
  • Ameloblastoma in a 15 year old female associated with an impacted lower right twelve year molar. Pre and Post-surgical radiographs displayed.
  • Lymph Node Calcifications on a 23 year old female. Panoramic radiograph of fantastic quality is displayed.
  • Stafne Bone Cyst in left mandible in a 51 year old male. Panoramic and periapical radiographs displayed, along with radiology report after a Cone Beam scan confirmed the diagnosis.
  • Dentigerous or Follicular Cyst in left mandible in a 15 year old patient. He had never had a panoramic x-ray previously.
Bone Grafting
Miscellaneous Dental Images
  • Dens in Dente of a Maxillary Lateral Incisor.  This has the best photograph of the internal enamel layer of a dens invaginatus tooth available on the internet. If you don’t believe it you will have to view this page. You will become convinced!
  • Iatrogenic Tooth Fracture of #20.  This most likely occurred iatrogrenically during the extraction of the adjacent tooth.
  • Highly unique vertical fracture of a maxillary central incisor crown. Case includes photograph and radiograph.  Fracture is visible on the radiograph which is what makes this case so unique.
  • Amazing Mamelons in a fifty year old that I have ever seen.
Copyright and HIPPA

All of the images and radiographs are from patients I saw in private practice or were seen by other dentists with whom I work.  Images may be used on other websites but credit must be given to this site.  In addition, no personal patient information is included with any of these cases so no privacy laws are being violated.