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I can always be reached by email at the following address:

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If you are interested in guest posting or having me include links to your site(s), please see this page for more information.

Based on the advice from my malpractice insurance, I am unable to respond to individual email requests regarding patient specific dental or medical conditions. If you send me an email with an individual medical or dental question, it will not be read, and the sending of that email cannot be construed as the establishment of a doctor-patient relationship. I have never provided dental advice nor diagnoses via email (except for my own patients at my practice) and I never will.

Based on the advice from the firm that does HIPAA compliance for my office, if you do send me an email with your health information in it, bear in mind you are sending it to a non-encrypted account, and you agree to hold me harmless for any dissemination, intentional or unintentional, of your protected health information.