About Directions in Dentistry

Nicholas Calcaterra DDS West Hartford DentistHi. My name is Nicholas Calcaterra DDS. I’m a general dentist practicing in Orange, CT with a focus on IV and Oral Sedation Dentistry.  I used to practice in West Hartford, CT for many years.

What makes this dental blog different than the hundreds of other blogs out there? Simple:

Every single word on this site was written by me, a practicing dentist.

99.9% of the dental blogs out there are not written by dentists. They are written by marketers and authors hired by dentists to publish content.  Do you really want to read an article talking about a topic in dentistry written by someone who has never worked inside someone’s mouth?  How can that copywriter have any authority on the subject of dentistry?  Don’t believe me? Look around on the internet and you’ll see hundreds of dental blogs, all written on the most boring, blandest subjects out there.  Even worse, there are countless dental blogs with the same exact content all written by the same person!  How could that be beneficial to the patient or the dentist?

I decided to start writing a blog so I could communicate my ideas and experiences to patients and other people interested in dental topics. Contrary to the many stereotypes out there, dentists do have a sense of humor, and I am one of them! I wanted to use my writing style and sense of humor to make dentistry interesting and to show it in a different light. I have patients from my hometown of Orange, CT who talk about my blog to me while in the chair. And then I get emails from 10,000 miles away from the Greater New Haven, CT area about my blog.

The title of this blog is Directions in Dentistry – A Dental Blog by Nicholas Calcaterra DDS. The title was inspired by Miles Davis’s revolutionary 1970 album entitled Bitches Brew – Directions in Music by Miles Davis. In this album, Miles turned the jazz world upside down. Now I certainly do not have the influence that Miles Davis had nor do I assert myself to be a dental genius. However, I have a passion for dentistry and a passion for expressing my thoughts about dentistry via the written word. Combining these two passions yields us this blog.

So why would you possibly want to read this blog? Well, if you are looking for information about dentistry written by someone who does it 40 hours a week in private practice, this is the place.  Everything I write about is true and is what I have seen in my practice in Orange, CT and past offices.  And remember, every single word on this page was written by me, not a paid writer!

I have always enjoyed writing, even though English was not my forte in high school or college.  I was much more of the analytical math/science type like other dentists. Writing is definitely in my genes, as my grandfather, Eric Berne MD, invented a pyschoanalytic technique called Transactional Analysis and was a prolific author of numerous books and hundreds of research papers.  He wrote the bestseller Games People Play.  I built and maintain a website dedicated to him and I count myself as an amateur Transactional Analyst. I also maintain a website dedicated to a colleague of my grandfather, Dr. Thomas A. Harris who wrote the bestseller I’m OK – You’re OK.  And back to dentistry, our YouTube channel is located here, which includes many videos, including one video that has garnered over 1,000,000 views. And who said dentists were boring?

Comments are welcome on all posts. If you would like to reach me, please see the Contact Me page for how to do so.