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Dentistry and Art: Lambert Doomer The Dentist

I’ve featured baroque dental paintings in the past, including masterpieces from Caravaggio and Gerard Van Honthorst. This is another baroque piece but it is a pen and ink drawing as opposed to oil on canvas. This is from the Dutch painter Lambert Doomer (1623 – 1700).

Lambert Doomer painting drawing of dentist from baroque era

High quality electronic reproduction of this drawing. Clicking on the image will yield a much larger version.

There are several interesting observations about this piece. First, we notice that the “dentist” is seated behind the patient with his assistant to his right. The assistant is ready to hand the “dentist” a vial and ensures that the three of them are underneath the umbrella. The ergonomics of this scene are very similar to the way dentistry is practiced now.

Secondly, the “dentist” also has a sword on his belt! I can only hope for the patient’s sake that the “dentist” isn’t planning on using it! I can assure you that if I wore a sword on my belt while practicing dentistry, I wouldn’t be in business for too much longer.

Lastly, we see the basket of eggs at the feet of the patient. This is typical for this era, as eggs were frequently used as payment for services of this kind back then.

This artwork, along with many of the other pieces I’ve posted in my Dentistry and Art series, should make us glad we live in 2013!